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“If nothing else - / these nude notes / being played behind the curtain / where the stage is, / by soloist strings / and hermit woodwinds - / are far hopes / of uncertain / opening chords / calling out / to the duet / I haven’t come to yet.”

The Other Self by Strider Marcus Jones

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Sobriety & Statewide-Lockdown, Day Thirty-Eight by Ace Boggess

“Too many variables. / Also, irrational beings on Earth. / One spark burns a forest. / One misstep pulls society down a well.”

The Body is a Glorified Hotel by Andrew Buckner

“Though the walls are frequently claustrophobic, confining / And the constant familiarity of our own company / Is simultaneously too much and too little, / Too routine and too alien, / This glorified hotel, our body, our flesh, / Is our shelter, perfect imperfections and all ...”

Stingrays Asleep by Dylan James

“Brand new promotion, I’m tired like my thermostat. / Wormholes and axes and scourges of men flaunter. / Pollution of life, family doesn’t give back sometimes. / Find a nest and try to feel alright.”

Alive to Beauty by Ellie Fisher

“In my notebook, I write fragments / About things that make me feel awe - / The way sunlight catches water, / The way fallen fruit rests on the ground. / Next to this list, I write words: / Undoing, being undone.”

Lingering by Fariza Farid Memon

“I should wait a little longer, / Hold on for a bit, / Stay until the color of the nail / pain dries, chips.

In Every Sheepfold & 41 Kilometers by Gretchen Filart

“Forty kilometers - only a kilometer / short of Gaza’s land size. For free people, / 41 kilometers is a surreal flight to space. / For Palestinians, home and a death / sentence.”

Perfect Disappearances by Paul Hostovsky

“So you write it on your own skin / And walk off into the world / With the whole world in your hand.”

Meet Your Maker by Roukia Ali

“Doomed be Poseidon and his raging oceans / As you crossed the sea on nothing but your wooden raft.”

Experiment - To Meet a Dead Lover by Shaurya Pathania

“You unite the five elements of nature. / Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, / within you & around you. / It produces absolute silence; coin lands / amid heads & tails; upright. / You enter a void; it’s not the purgatory.”

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